fha home appraisal checklist

An FHA home appraisal is both a process and a product. During the process, a licensed home appraiser evaluates the property to determine its current market value. The appraiser will then produce a written report that details his findings, including the estimated value of the home. Appraisals are typically required for mortgage approval.

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An FHA appraisal has three components: a site. A home's lot has to lead moisture away from the house.

Appraisal Review Checklist Government Transactions Appraisal Review Checklist Page 2 December 11, 2012 Appraisal Section Answer Action Required SUBJECT (Continued) 6 Is the property a PUD or Condo ? Yes No N/A If yes, add HOA fee amount to the DTI calculation.

If you’re selling your home to a buyer financing his purchase with an FHA loan, the buyer’s lender will order an FHA appraisal. The appraisal serves two purposes: it protects the FHA’s investment by.

If you’re looking to buy a newly constructed home, you can take out an FHA mortgage. The appraiser will estimate the fair value of the home based on its projected value once construction is complete. As the house won’t be complete at the time of the appraisal, the fha appraisal process looks a little bit different for new construction.

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Before you get an FHA mortgage for a new or existing home, your loan and closing checklists will help you prepare properly for the loan process. Take the time to discuss the items on these checklists with your realtor and loan officer.

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Home Appraisal Checklist & Process: What to Expect – FHA and USDA appraisal process. Home appraisals vary based on the type of financing used when purchasing the home. Unlike other mortgage programs, the FHA and USDA loans must meet appraisal guidelines and Department of Housing and urban development (hud) property guidelines. So your appraiser will look for: