cant get approved for a credit card

If you can’t qualify for a secured card, don’t despair. A solution is as close as your local community bank or credit union. stop in (yes, in person) and ask about a passbook loan. This works like a secured card, in that you will need to open an account with a deposit equal to the amount of your loan.

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Ok, im 18- and looking to get some credit here. I will pay on the card, the TOTAL balance, every month. I mean im just gong to put gas on it .. or food, ya know. Well anyways. I have filled out a bazillion freaking applications, and they wont give me a card. does anyone know what i can do.

Whether you can’t get approved for the credit card you want right now or want to explore other credit-building tools, you have a few options at your disposal. Authorized user: A simple way to build credit without getting your own credit card is being added as an authorized user on someone else’s card.

If you can’t get approved for a credit card, this is for you.. How To Get Approved For Any Credit Card – Duration:. How to pay off your credit card debt in record time!

If you can’t get an approved for a credit card, it is likely due to the fact that your credit score is either non-existent or very low. The quickest way to increase your credit score , even if you do not currently have a credit card is by becoming an authorized user.

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I feel your pain — with absolutely no credit history, I can’t get an unsecured credit card either. I just sent off for Orchard Bank’s Secured Mastercard. It has a soft inquiry pre-approval, then you fill out an application for the "real" credit inquiry. Since it’s secured, you send them a check for how much you want your credit limit to be.

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